International Female Caving School


Romanian Association of Speleological Education and Speleological League of Lorraine with the support of the Association France-Romania Speleology, Romanian School of Speleology, French School of Speleology, European Speleological Federation, Romanian Federation of Speleology, French Federation of Speleology and the Serbian Federation of Speleology invite you to:

International Female Caving School

Romania, Padis 2017

Period:: 16.09. – 24.09.2017

Location:: Padiş area – (Bihor Mountains), Chalet „Cetatile Ponorului”, near Pietroasa village, (Bihor County).

The school will be held on two technical levels:

  • TSA Level I (Beginner) – final diploma certifies the participant’s ability to go through, autonomous, in caves with vertical passages
  • TSA Level II (Advanced) – final diploma certifies the participant’s ability to lead a team in caves with vertical passages

Access to accommodation:

  • By car from Oradea (DN 76 ) on the rout trough Beius – Sudrigiu – Pietroasa – Boga – Şaua Scăriţa – Glavoi –Cetatile Ponorului Chalet.

  • By car Cluj Napoca on the rout trough Huedin – Răchițele – Doda Pilii – Ic Ponor – Padiş – Saua Scarita – Glavoi – Cetatile Ponorului Charlet. Atention!!! This rout is not accessible with small cars!!! ( Aceasta ruta este accesibila doar cu masina de teren!!!!)

  • From Deva on the rout trough Ştei – Sudrigiu – Pietroasa – Boga – Şaua Scăriţa – – Glavoi – Cetatile Ponorului Chalet.

  • GPS Coordinates to Cetatile Ponorului Chalet: lat 46.563592 si lon 22.710319

* The closest airport is in Oradea city, Bihor county.

Participation fee:

  • TSA Level I (Beginners): 250 Euros
  • TSA Level II (Advanced level): 250 Euros

Participation fee includes: tuition, accommodation (8 nights – participants don’t need sleeping bag), meals (breakfast, dinner and lunch package), collective equipment, diploma, aces to the table room and bathroom. 

About the accommodation place:

Cetățile Ponorului Chalet is situated in the Apuseni Natural Park at an altitude of 1079 m. The chalet has approximately 60 places for sleeping, dining room, terrace and the place is accessible by car. From the chalet, we can reach the caves by foot.


The Participation fee:

The participation fee should be payed until 16.08.2017, you will receive more details about the paying mode after you complete and send the registration form.

You can make the payment in the account: 

Bank Name :Banca Transilvania

Bank account holder  Asociatia Romana de Educatie Speologica



General participation conditions:

  • Completing and sending the registration form until 16.08.2017, by e-mail address, to:
  • Medical certificate that certifies:” able to practice speleology”
  • Accident insurance valid during the duration of the stage.

Specific participation conditions:

  • Generally female participants
  •  Minimum Age 14 years old (participants under the age of 18, need a written and legalized consent from parents).
  • Access the TSA Level II is conditioned by passing a theoretical and practical examination. Participants who do not pass the theoretical and practical examination may continue to the TSA Level I of the school.
  • Individual equipment according to the safety standards CE/UIAA;


  • The Caving School is dimensioned at a maximum number of 25 students, so you will confirm your participation by paying the tax and sending us the proof of the payment.
  • In case you can’t come to the caving school and you already paid the fee, you will receive 50% from the amount until 01.09.2017 .

  • Remember that the deadline for sending the registration form and pay the fee is : 16.08.2017.

Note: If you don’t have the personal equipment, the organisation team can rent you the equipment for all the period of the caving school.

Supplementary Information:

  • Organisation teamCristina Ianc, Adina Micula, Witt Nathalie, Céline Barrère, Iva Vuković, Diana Popa.



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